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Fan Appreciation Day Success Update!


Written by: Patrick Tribble
Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Dear Saturday League Players, Managers and Governing Board Members:

The 4th Annual Fan Appreciation Day (FAD) was another success. This year, AJA Video requested that the other teams help by contributing money, pop ups, food, beverages and their energy to the event. For such a hot day, the contribution from all the players and the turnout of family and friends was amazing.

The FAD event is really a feel good situation. Though we play competitively, many of us have played together on the different teams throughout the years and have a camaraderie with each other that extends beyond the season and beyond the team.

The Saturday league served over 120 healthy no nitrate/nitrite hot dogs along with lots of delicious salads, snacks, and too many desserts. We were not short on food or beverages and fed not only all the fans that were invited, but the entire league and their family members!

I wish to thank those who contributed their time, food, beverages, ice chests, money, a bbq and pop ups. Please forgive me if I miss someone; there were so many helping hands.

I am grateful for Jerilynn's enthusiasm and energy for this event. She was so good to email and check in to make sure things were covered. She brought pop ups to shade the food and fans and contributed financially. It helped that Steve Black and Ray and Missy Patton brought extra pop ups as they were needed. James brought a bbq, ice chests, tablecloths and tables. John Thomson brought a delicious homemade potato salad, tables and a variety of drinks. I brought a microphone, speaker, and shopped for all the condiments, hot dogs and buns. I wish to thank Jules Liebke and Jane Herum (Stan's wife) for cooking all the dogs!

Robert Coleman and I served as game announcers. We informed the fans who was at bat and added a bit of insider humorous commentary.

Many players either contributed money and/or brought food and drinks. They also donated their time in setting up and tearing down. Board members Joe Macrina and Lisa Duggins (with Jesse in tow) were present. Joe took team pictures. Lisa and Jesse were there to watch our games, support our Saturday League play and enjoy the dogs and drinks.

Fan Appreciation Day is a day to play, kid around, joke and also honor those who help and support our league and our games each year. Debbie Burnett has been our accurate and fearless scorekeeper. The entire league is happy to have her and we paid tribute to her on FAD and praised her efforts. JR is a tremendous umpire. We are grateful he is there to ensure that our games run smoothly, especially when making difficult calls. On Saturday he had over six 1st base calls that were within inches. They were all correct (in most player's opinions). Even when the call went against your team.

The highlight of the day was having fun. We played, ate and drank. Many players and fans watched the games and made noise with drums, cow bells and their own shouting voices. Our fans provided us a sense of joy watching us play. There were many amazing defensive plays by all teams. An in the park home run by Scott Kennedy got the crowd hollering. Many of the antics on and off the field made it fun for everyone. The left over food was then donated to Utah's Place. Their smiling faces indicated they were grateful for the league's food contributions again like last year.

Thanks again for all your participation and efforts in providing us an outlet to live out our insanity of playing senior softball at Western Gateway Park!

Gratefully Yours,

Patrick Tribble

AJA Video Manager and FAD Event Coordinator

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