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Board Meeting Minutes for January 10th


Written by: League Administrator
Friday, January 12, 2018


DATE: January 10, 2018

PLACE: Northridge Restaurant Penn Valley

CALLED TO ORDER: Time: 6:40 PM By: President Lisa Duggins


President: Lisa Duggins

Vice President: Bill Fingerson

Treasure: Bob Olsen

Secretary: Gary Wuestenberg

Communications Director: Jim Vinella


Special Events Director: Tom Paone

Field Maintenance director: Jon Cosbie


Don Hayfron

Dan House

Joe Macrina

Steve Schliff

  • 1.Update from Bob Olsen on D & O Application – Package sent to broker. Bob will follow up Friday morning if he hasn't received a quote by then.
  • 2.Sponsors – Tax Dodgers will sponsor again this year. Jim Vinella will talk with Scott Murray about their desire to sponsor a team this year. Lisa Duggins will talk with Jeri Lynn Matson about their continued sponsorship for this year. Lisa and/or Jim will contact Garret McGinnis about sponsoring. Jim will check with Scott's PC about their continued sponsorship.
  • 3.Sign Up Banner – Lisa brought up a question about the status of our “Sign Up" banner. Jim will follow up with vendor and make sure it is getting started and will be ready by mid February.
  • 4.Uniforms – Suggestions by players and members to look into changing to “Dri-fit or Wicker Moisture" type shirts. Gary on behalf of Tom will follow up with last year's vendor to get quotes for different styles of shirts and hats and will also search for other vendors. It was also suggested that we send out a survey about changing the style of uniforms and the costs that may be associated with it.
  • 5.Field Maintenance – Dan House brought up that issue of watering and that we should be watering at night. That would require automated watering which all thought was a good idea. Bob suggested a field maintenance budget. Dan and Bob will research maintenance costs to determine an average cost per month or year to help put together a budget for proposal to the board. Some of the maintenance brought up for this year was dethatching and or aerating, soil amendments for field 1 (Little League could help with this cost?), tarp for field 1 backstop.
  • 6.Managers
  • a.Saturday Managers include: Patrick Trible, Marty Richardson, Bob Hammill, Robert Coleman
  • b.Weekday Managers include: Dave Billings, George Brindley, Clyde Crider, Bob Guilbault, Rick Miner, Tom Paone, Dan House, Don Heyfron and Gary Wuestenberg.
  • 7.Designated Player – The possibility of going back to the Designated Player option was discussed with valid points both pro and con. The decision at this time is to hold a managers meeting in February to discuss the idea and rules to be put in place should the option be put into place for this year.
  • a.Some questions that arose: Lisa asked about using last year's rankings for players and managers or have a committee rank them as was done last year for managers.
  • b.Jim suggested that ANY new players coming into the league be excluded from being picked as a designated player.
  • c.Jim talked about a rule proposal that only managers and designated players may be at the draft tables on draft night. All other players and members will not be allowed to participate in picking teams.

Joe Macrina requested that his objections to the Designated Player rule be in the record of tonights meeting. Here are his notes from the email sent to the board and discussed at the meeting: GCSSA Draft Change Proposal:

“From the Dec.13 and 28th board meetings, it appears the board is reversing itself regarding Designated Players. Last year, the designated player was eliminated in order to make the draft selection process "fairer". This was done with the backing of almost 75% of the league members who voted on this issue in 2016. Having a Designated Player invites back the same problems we had before.

- We have some #1's in our league who are much more talented than your average #1. The best players are 'locked in' to certain managers, perhaps for years. Securing such a player would put that team at a competitive advantage every year.

- Managers with Designated Players have a distinct edge over managers without a designated player because certain position players may not be available. Example: If mostly shortstops are taken, it impacts who a manager might otherwise select, in order to get that position secured. And going into the draft, a manager with a designated player has the advantage of focusing on other key positions. This is not fair to the manager who does not have a designated player.

- The Saturday League does not use a designated player system.

- Last year's draft worked perfectly well with no designated player, and completely ended issues associated with how a Designated Player gets ranked.

- Every manager had an equal opportunity to select any available player they wanted in the draft.

The Designated Player was eliminated in order to create a more fair draft. How will bringing back the Designated Player make for a fairer player draft?

The players overwhelmingly support NOT having a Designated Player!"

8.Umpire – Manager Meetings – Having the managers and umpire meet before each game to go over ground rules and team representatives that can talk with the umpire during game to ask questions or discuss and issue with a play was brought up. Home team would get the game ball to start the game once this meeting has been completed. This item will be discussed and voted on at the managers meeting in February.

9.Website/Drive – Lisa brought up the fact that we are running out of storage on our Gmail page. A solution of spending $2 per month to add storage. Bob reminded us that the documents we post don't take up much space so it was agreed to table this issue until the next meeting.

10.Emails from League Members – Due to lack of time these were tabled for the next meeting.

11.Scorekeeping – An email from D. Burnett was brought up and discussed. The email concerned keeping score electronically vs. manually on paper. The discussion covered the differences between the two methods and costs associated with both. It was decided that the concern merited more discussion and was tabled until the next board meeting.

12.Non – Profit – Jim will get letters out next week.

13.Volunteers – Lisa mentioned that we need more volunteers. Steve Schliff volunteered to build the Volunteer Plaque. Thank you Steve.

14.Issues List from Past Board – Due to lack of time this item was tabled until the next meeting.

15.Meeting location – Northridge Restaurant in Penn Valley will be one of our meeting locations.

16.Lisa's updated contact info – Lisa updated her email to Her phone # is 530-615-8874.

17.Open Discussion

a.Bill asked about new contracts for umpires and whether they need to be signed again this year. They do and will be sent out. He also expressed his concern for the lack of a Saturday board member. It was pointed out that nominees from Saturday were not voted in. He also asked about a longevity award. Lastly he mentioned James McCammon's email regarding scorekeeping and lack of response to James' email from past board.

b.Bob will send stats to Gary to post on website this year. He also asked about the W-9's for the umpires.

c.Gary asked that once he has sent out the draft for the minutes to the board members that they respond in a timely manner so he can get them posted on the website.

d.Don Heyfron brought up the issue with new/incoming players showing up on draft night and suggested a rule be put in place against this happening.

e.Steve Schliff asked about the All-Star Game selection process and it was explained that there was a bit of a scramble last year to get the selections in and on top of that there were some players that couldn't make the game at the last minute and so the board appointed players. Is there a better system? He also asked about what happens to players who are not picked when all 10 teams get to their 12 players. He likes the Designated Player option.

Meeting Closed by President Lisa Duggins at 8:47 pm.

Submitted ___________________________________ by Gary Wuestenberg, Secretary, January 11, 2018.

Next meeting to be February 7th. The meeting will be split between a managers meeting and a board meeting.

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