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February 7 2018 Board Meeting Minutes


Written by: League Administrator
Saturday, February 17, 2018

DATE: February 7, 2018

PLACE: Buttermakers Cottage Penn Valley

CALLED TO ORDER: Time: 7:32 PM By: President Lisa Duggins


President: Lisa Duggins

Vice President: Bill Fingerson

Treasure: Bob Olsen

Special Events Director: Tom Paone

Communications Director: Jim Vinella

Secretary: Gary Wuestenberg


Field Maintenance director: Jon Cosbie

General members present: Robert Colman, Dan House, Ray Patton, George Brindley, James McCammon, Steve Schliff, Patrick Tribble (via phone).

  1. Reviewed Managers Meeting - Lisa Duggins confirmed the following:

a. 2018 Managers approved adding a designated player with specific rules put in place.

b.Draft process – who is allowed at the meetings and who is allowed to participate; rules were that only the manager and designated player may be at the draft table.

c.Emails will be sent to managers about the rules.

  1. Bob Olson covered the league financials (details posted on league website).
  1. Shirts / Hats – the league has been looking into upgrading to better shirts (moisture wicking type) and hats (something to help keep the head cooler) for our members. We have gotten quotes from 2 different local vendors. (Tried a 3rd vendor but they were non-responsive). The cost for an upgraded shirt has been quoted at an additional $2.50 per shirt. Still looking at hats.
  1. Jim Vinella brought up an idea of lowering the cost of this years registration fee for members. Others brought up that the money could be used to offset the upgrade in shirts and hats instead of lowering fees. There was a discussion about having a member survey for this.
  1. Robert Coleman asked about a discount for any player playing both weeknight AND Saturday leagues. It was explained that there used to be a discount but that the league changed this a few years ago and we have not gone back. It may be brought up for discussion at a later meeting.
  1. Softball Purchase – A couple of members has asked the board to purchase extra softballs to make them available for purchase. A motion to buy extra balls was carried and passed.
  1. Scorekeeping – Lisa Duggins stated the league had already invested in moving to the tablet scorekeeping last year and so we should continue to use them. Jim Vinella agreed saying it was in the best interest of the league, particularly if the bugs with the tablets are or could be worked out. James McCammon commented that it is a lot of the work dealing with the tablets and that he cannot afford to spend that much time working on them. Our Saturday scorekeeper Debra has stated she would not continue to do the scoring if we stayed with the tablet. Robert Coleman suggested posting the need for a score keeper on the league Facebook page and League Web Page.
  1. Stats – Tom Paone suggested having a survey of the players preference for electronic or manual (paper) stats. Another asked if we even want stats. Bill Fingerson will come up with questions for possible survey.
  1. Sponsors – Jim Vinella has not confirmed if we need one more sponsor yet. He will check with Scott's PC Service. A to Zen Travel has been confirmed as one of our new sponsors. George Brindley asked who would be the sponsor of his team? Once we know all of the sponsors that will be decided.
  1. Emails from members –

a.Richard A asked about a freezer or refrigerator for the storage shed. Gary Wuestenberg will donate a freezer chest.

b.Field 3 – Lisa Duggins stated that field 3 will be used as a last resort this year and explained that it was used last year due to rain outs and heat outs. Dan House explained why Little League and Girls Softball used field 1 last year – stating that it was because their fields in GV were not usable due to conditions caused by weather and we wanted to help.

c.Homerun Rule – The prospect of changing the homerun rule was brought up. There was some light discussion and Bob Olson stated that we are governed by SSUSA rules and that's the reason for the rule. The discussion was tabled until the next board meeting.

d.Field Conditions – It was suggested that we have more work “parties” and ask for more volunteers. There will be a spot on the 2018 Registration form asking for volunteers.

e.Heat & Air Index – It was suggested adjusting our guidelines for the Heat & Air Index and it's affects on games. This was tabled for a later meeting.

f.Substitue Runner – Non issue.

g.Emergency Contact – In case of emergency there will be a list for all members emergency contacts on a board in the storage shed. Bill Fingerson will make sure the board is in the shed and check on the AED machine as well.

h.Patrick Tribble brought up an idea of honoring players who have passed on by putting their initials on the sleeves of the uniforms. It was suggested that it would be up to the manager and the costs passed on to that team but the board was okay with it. There is a plaque with the names of deceased players – Jim Vinella will make sure it is updated.

i.Website and the meeting minutes – make it easier to find the minutes by putting specific dates on the title of the documents.

Meeting was adjourned by Lisa Duggins at 8:55 pm. Submitted: Gary Wuestenberg _________________, Secretary, February 15, 2018 by email to board

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