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Board and Managers Meeting Minutes from February 7 2018


Written by: League Administrator
Saturday, February 17, 2018

DATE: February 7, 2018

PLACE: Buttermakers Cottage Penn Valley

CALLED TO ORDER: Time: 6:37 PM By: President Lisa Duggins


President: Lisa Duggins

Vice President: Bill Fingerson

Treasure: Bob Olsen

Special Events Director: Tom Paone

Communications Director: Jim Vinella

Secretary: Gary Wuestenberg


Field Maintenance director: Jon Cosbie

Managers present: Robert Colman, Dan House, Bob Guilbalt, Jim Knight, Dave Billings, Rick Miner, George Brindley, Tom Paone, Gary Wuestenberg, Frank Kasaparian for Clyde Crider, Patrick Tribble (via phone)

  1. Meeting was called to discuss rules proposed by the board to the managers for the purpose of voting on using the Designated Player for the upcoming season.
  1. Proposed rules were read by Jim Vinella. They are as follows:

1.Only Managers (and designates if allowed) will be able to
participate in the player selection process at the draft. If a member
is present during the draft process, the will be required to observe
ONLY, and not have an effect or interact during the process. They will
be allowed to stand or sit at the back of the room and be silent so as
to minimize any distraction during the player selection. Any member
that attempts to help, advise or otherwise interact with managers,
board members or designates (if allowed) will be warned. If a second
occurrence is noted, the member will be asked to leave and not be
allowed to observe the remainder of the process.

If a member that is present for the draft is selected, they may not
at any time approach the manager, be seated at the table, speak to, or
otherwise interact with the manager (or designate if allowed) at any
time during the remainder of the selection process. The member must
remain an observer at the rear of the room and must refrain from
influencing the process in any form or they can be removed if deemed

If observing members cause any disturbance among themselves (loud
conversations, comments, etc.) they will be warned. If disruptions
reoccur, subsequent removal from the remainder of the draft may result.

B. Rules and guidelines regarding a designated player (if allowed)

1. Each team manager and designated player will be ranked by an
anonymous ranking committee prior to the draft proceedings. This
"pre-ranking" will be anonymous and be performed by the committee for
managers and designates. This must be completed prior to the draft
process and the rankings will be revealed during the pre-draft meeting.

2. Each team, manager or sponsor/manager will not be allowed more
than one designated player. In the case of a sponsor/player where the
sponsor/player IS NOT the manager, the player sponsor will become the
designated player. If the manager is also the sponsor, that manager
will still be allowed a designated player.

3. If a sponsor/player is not selected as a designated player, but is
rather selected during the draft process, the manager that selects the
player/sponsor in the draft process will be the manager for the
player/sponsor's team (I.E. frank Kasperian selected by a manager will
be managing the Tax Dodgers team.

4. No rookie player, ex GCSSA player returning after an absence from
the league or any other un-ranked member may be allowed to be selected
as a designated player. All designated players must be pre-ranked by
the ranking committee prior to the draft process.

5. Once a player is selected as a designated player for any team or
Manager, that designate may not be selected as a designate by that
manager, or for the same team for a period of two (2) years (seasons).
This will prevent any manager/team/designate combination be perceived
as a "dynasty".

Questions were asked by managers and answers were given and explained. A motion by the managers was made for the managers to vote on the acceptance of the Designated Player and the rules associated with it for the upcoming season. Motion was second.

Designated Player vote passed and will be instituted for the upcoming season with aformentioned rules.

3. Lisa Duggins brought up the new Umpire/Manager meeting rule the board is putting in place. The mangers of both teams will meet with the umpire prior to the start of the game to discuss any rules needing clarification and to establish who can communicate with the umpire regarding on field issues or plays.

4. Gary Wuestenberg passed around a moisture wicking shirt to let the managers see what types of shirts we will be ordering for the season. The majority thought the shirt material was good and agreed we should order this type.

5. Rick Miner brought up the issue of start times for games stating that starting at 5:15 pm was too early for some people to make it to the game on time. It was explained that we only use 5:15 pm start times at beginning and end of the season due to daylight issues. .

6. Meeting Closed by President Lisa Duggans at 7:22 PM

Submitted: Gary Wuestenberg _________________, Secretary, February 15, 2018 by email to the board.

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