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Written by: League Administrator
Saturday, March 10, 2018

DATE: February 28, 2018

PLACE: Margaritas – Grass Valley

CALLED TO ORDER: Time: 6:35 PM By: President Lisa Duggins


President: Lisa Duggins

Vice President: Bill Fingerson

Treasure: Bob Olsen

Special Events Director: Tom Paone

Communications Director: Jim Vinella

Secretary: Gary Wuestenberg

Field Maintenance director: Jon Cosbie


General members present: Dan House, Bob Swarthout, Ray Patton, Richard Eacobacci, Don Heyfron, Jules Liebke.

1. Task Calendar – Reviewed by Lisa Duggins (the Present). Public Announcements – Jim Vinella said he talked with Walter Ford to announce signups for the league in The Union newspaper. Jim Vinella has sent letters to all but two sponsors.

a. Sponsors and Managers – we now have all of the Team Sponsors and Team Manger positions filled.

b. Rules – Bob Olson asked about a having a new Home Run rule. It was discussed and determined that any dramatic rule change would have to be voted on by the members. There was a lengthy discussion after that and it was decided that there wouldn't be any changes to the playing rules at this time.

c. Uniform vendors have been contacted about shirts and hats. Gary Wuestenberg wants to buy sample hats from Jim Vinella said he would pay for the samples out of his own pocket.

d. Umpire evaluation forms and procedures were discussed. Dan House will put together the forms and they will include evaluating the managers. Dan was asked about moving our “Signups” sign. Jim Vinella said he would move it to where we had it last year – on the backstop of field 3.

e. Supplies – Softballs have been purchased and received. All board members will store their share of the balls and distribute as needed. Bob will keep the balls designated to sell to the members and handle the sale of those balls. The subject of the condition of the bases and pitcher's mound was brought up. Bob Olson will look into the costs associated with acquiring new bases and a pitching rubber for field 2.

f. Budget for Field Maintenance – Dan House stated that as of this date the improvements to watering equipment has totaled about $1,000. Dan suggested putting mats under the locations of the batter's box. Lisa asked Bob O. to get with Dan about the possible costs of these possible improvements.

g. Registration – Registration and volunteer forms will be put on the website.

2. Financials – The question was asked if Financials need to be discussed at each board meeting. It was decided that they should be discussed periodically and at the point of either making a large expenditure and/or just after it.

a. Compensation to WGP (Western Gateway Park) for hanging up banners was brought up. Dan House informed us that there has been a handshake agreement with WGP and the league that the league would seed and fertilize the fields in lieu of paying for the banners to be hung up. Dan will get the budget to Bob O. for the cost of seed and fertilizer.

3. Timetables for Games – It is decided that the timetables for games would be the same this year. There had been some discussion about changing the start times for games. The seasons will start as follows: Weekends start date is April 7th. Weeknights start date is April 9th. All dates are weather permitting.

4. Tryouts – Board members were asked what weekends they could be or not be at the tryouts. Based on responses there will be ample attendance from the board.

a.Rating Rookies – it was brought up that Rookies need to attend at least one tryout. It was suggested by one manger that we should have the rookies finish their batting exercise by running out the last hit to first base so we could see the rookies run. It was agreed to be a good idea and will be implemented at tryouts.

5. Draft Rules – Rules were re-emphasized to the board and members present. Only managers and their designated players will be allowed the draft table. General members will NOT be allowed to participate in any way in the draft process.

a.Bill Fingerson will put together the rankers and keep them anonymous.

6. Scorekeepers – We still need a Saturday scorekeeper. Lisa asked if we should advertise. Bill F suggested we try contacting the coaches for Sierra College and the high schools in the area to look for a scorekeeper. It was also suggested to ask retirees if they would be interested.

a.Bob O asked for new laptops for scorekeeping. A motion was put forth to purchase 2 laptops not to exceed $500. The motion passed and it was voted to purchase the laptops.

7. Refrigerator – Rich E and Jules L asked about having a refrigerator put back in the storage shed. After some discussion it was agreed that putting a refrigerator back in the shed would be ok. Jim Vinella will donate a refrigerator.

8. Survey Monkey – Bob O stated that last year we spent $350 on Survey Monkey. It was suggested limiting surveys to two per year. All in attendance agreed.

9. Fall Ball – A discussion regarding fall ball and the leagues participation in it. It was determined that if the league runs it then it will have to be a non-profit activity. Lisa asked Bob to check with our insurance carrier about coverage if we decide to operate the Fall League.

10. Open Discussion – A question was raised as to why the football league has to play on field 2 outfield. Dan H stated it's the best on probably only place football could be played. None of the other areas of the park are suitable for playing football. Another question asked who pays for the wear and tear of the football season. Dan replied saying the fields stay in good shape but there is some work to be done. It was suggested that work on the fields begin earlier in the year to get a head start.

10 a. Managers Meeting? – It was asked if we should have another managers meeting before the start of the season. The response by the board was yes. A date and place for that meeting was set. The meeting will be held March 20th @ 6:00 pm at Buttermakers Cottage. All managers are required to attend.

Meeting Closed by Present Lisa Duggans at 8:38PM

Submitted: Gary Wuestenberg _________________, Secretary, March 8, 2018 by email to the board.

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