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March 28 General Meeting Minutes


Written by: League Administrator
Thursday, April 5, 2018

GCSSA BOARD MEETING Minutes for March 28, 2018

DATE: March 28, 2018
PLACE: Buttermaker's Cottage Penn Valley

CALLED TO ORDER: Time: 6:47 PM By: President Lisa Duggins

BOARD MEMBERS Present: President: Lisa Duggins Vice President: Bill Fingerson
Treasure: Bob Olsen
Special Events Director: Tom Paone

Communications Director: Jim Vinella Secretary: Gary Wuestenberg
Field Maintenance director: Jon Cosbie


Members present: Robert Colman, Dan House, Bob Guilbalt, Dave Billings, Bob Swarthout, George Brindley, Clyde Crider, Don Heyfron, Scott Kennedy, Joe Macrina, Ray Patton, Mike Franks, Jeff George, Richard Eacobacci

Financials - Bob Olsen stated and provided a spreadsheet showing the current balance to be $27,512.00. Joe Macrina asked the board to correct the amount of money that was spent on Survey Monkey in 2017. The correct amount should be approximately $105 (not $350 as previously reported). Joe also stated that Survey Monkey can be used on a month to month basis (we pay as we go).

Managers Meeting Reviewed by Lisa Duggins - A discussion about possibly extending tryouts an additional week due to the fact we had only one tryout to this point due to rain an field conditions. It was determined that we would not add another weekend to tryouts. There was also discussion about several managers that would be missing the final tryout on 3/31 due to prior commitments. The managers that would be missing the tryout asked for the help of the managers that would be present. The managers that were going to be present agreed to share their notes from the upcoming tryouts. Bob Olson covered what information about players from their registration forms would be sent to managers prior to the draft.

League Rules - No changes to any rules this year. Joe Macrina brought up the home run rule and asked why we aren't implanting a new rule that the players voted on last year via Survey Monkey. Joe feels we are not listening to players wishes.
After a very lengthy discussion, the board informed Joe and others present that we had discussed this change at length at a previous general meeting and determined that it was too hard to implement the change due to scorekeeping and 5 run inning rules already in place.

Scorekeepers - Scorekeepers for weeknights will be the Cook family (3). Gary Wuestenberg will be the scorekeeper for Saturdays with the Cooks as back up as needed. Bob Olsen will set up training.

Sponsors - Jim Vinella updated the paid sponsor list to 8 teams including Saturdays. He will follow up with the others. He also is still waiting on Banner checks.

Umpires - Bill Fingerson has reached out to the umpires and gave us a list of umpires that will be working this year. Craig and Phil will umpire weeknights and JR (Rothenberg) will work Saturdays.

League Start Dates - Saturday will start 4/7 and weeknights will start 4/9 (weather permitting).

Schedule - Lisa Duggins has been working hard on the schedules for weeknights and Saturdays. Weeknight early games will start @ 5:30 all season long. With Dan House's help they are trying to limit each team to one week 3 game week for the season.

From 4/9 to 5/3 there will be one game per field per night.
From 5/4 to 8/15 there will be two games per field per night.
From 8/16 to EOS (End of Season) there will be one game per field per night.

Field Maintenance - Dan House and other field volunteers will be setting up the new watering system so that the fields will be watered at night which should create better field conditions moving forward. Batters Box Mats have been ordered and will be installed once they arrive. Jim Vinella brought up a concern about the mats being snagged when the field is dragged. Dan stated that when the field is dragged the home plate and batters box areas are to be avoided. Same goes for new bases and pitching rubber for field 2. Fence boxes need to be moved out of the storage shed and back on to the field. It was decided that they would be located in a new place - along the center field fence of field 3. A question was asked about moving the distance of the fence back from it's current distance. After a short discussion it was agreed that we should look into it. Bob Olsen will check into the cost of buying new sockets for the fence posts.

Draft Update - Saturday Draft will be held 4/2 at Patrick Tribble's house starting at 6:00 pm. Weeknight draft will be held at Buttermakers Cottage 4/4 starting at 6:30 pm.

Saturday Commissioners - Rober Coleman and Mike Anistel will be this years commissioners for Saturdays.

Open Discussion -
Mike Franks asked why the DP was brought back and the board explained that there were a few

managers that wanted/needed a DP in order to manage a team. Joe Macrina suggestions:

Put drop boxes around Grass Valley, Nevada City and other areas so it is easier for members to turn in their registration.
Hang more than one sign up banner, also in other cities and possibly on business that would benefit from the walk in business.

Email registration forms to past members so they can get them quicker or not miss them if they don't visit the GCSSA website.

Put something on the GCSSA website recommending where to buy equipment. Put up a blog on the GCSSA website.

Simplify the protest process - Gary Wuestenberg suggested that Joe come up with some ideas and present to the board in the form of an email.

Game stats - Joe asked if widening the plate made a difference in the length of games and he suggested that we look at how many games ended after 5, 6 & 7 innnings.

Meeting adjourned by Lisa Duggins @ 8:09 Submitted to the board by Gary Wuestenberg, Secretary.

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