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Managers Needed for 2019 Season!!


Written by: League Administrator
Monday, October 8, 2018

Hello All. Managers are needed for the 2019 season - for both weeknights and Saturdays. We currently have 8 or 9 managers lined up for the 2019 weeknight season and just one manager for Saturday season. That leaves us about 3 – 4 short for weeknights and 3 short for Saturdays depending on the # of teams we have next year. If we don't have enough managers to field 11 teams like this year or the possibility of 12 teams next year we will have to limit the number of players we can admit to the league. We need more members to volunteer to manage a team so we can ensure all who want to play can play. We would like additional managers as soon as possible as late additions will be at a disadvantage when it comes to picking a designated player for their team. Please contact any member of the Board if you are interested in managing. We appreciate your help.

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