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October 3 2018 Board Meeting Minutes


Written by: League Administrator
Monday, October 8, 2018


DATE: October 3, 2018

PLACE: Northridge – Penn Valley

CALLED TO ORDER: Time: 6:40 PM By: President Lisa Duggins


President: Lisa Duggins

Treasure: Bob Olsen

Communications Director: Jim Vinella

Secretary: Gary Wuestenberg

BOARD MEMBERS Absent – Tom Paone, Jon Cosbie, Bill Fingerson

General members present: Ray Patton, Steve Schliff

  1. Surveys – Lisa Duggins went over the questions that she had for the survey that is to go out in the next couple of weeks. Board members wanted to make sure that Saturday players were represented in the questions. Lisa says she will break up the questions concerning the league in general to both leagues when appropriate.

a.Ray Patton asked about asking a question on how the Saturday players felt the league was run this year. Lisa and Gary reported that feedback was mostly positive and that the scheduling of the “double header” games was better this year.

b.Lisa will try to add an “Open” question to the survey asking for comments and suggestions.

  1. Financials – The financial statement was read by Bob Olsen. The league started the season with an opening balance of $7,679.75 and has a current balance of $15,832.54.
  1. Field Maintenance – Jon Cosbie was not present so this discussion was tabled until the next meeting.
  1. Open Discussion -

a.Board Members Discount? - A question about offering Board members a discount on league fees was brought up. The board members present thought it wasn't right to do it so it is a non-issue. A suggestion was made that we have an annual barbecue for all of the volunteers as a thank you.

b. Game Time Length - A question about game time length and the issues that we had this year was brought up. A suggestion was made to have a time clock at the fields so there wouldn't be any question of the time left in a game. The board decided they would look into this and bring up their findings at the next meeting.

c.Saturday Stats - Bob Olsen brought up the situation with Saturday Stats and how they are posted to the website. Currently scores for Saturday games are kept on one of the laptops we use for weeknights. The problem with this is that the software and hardware we have will not allow us to do two “leagues” on the same computer or license. In order to do the Saturday stats like we do the weeknight stats we would need an additional computer and software license. The cost of this is about $300.00. A motion was presented and seconded to allow the board to spend the money not to exceed $350.00 to acquire the necessary computer and license. The motion was voted on and carried 4 – 0.

d.League Website - Our current website platform provider was bought by another company. League Pro was bought by Thapos. Thapos has been in contact with us about moving our website to their platform. They have sent us a link to a new temporary site on their platform. The email has been forwarded to all the board members for their input and comments. The transfer to the new platform is free and would take place in December. The board will discuss the pros and cons of staying with the new vendor or finding another vendor to work with at the next board meeting.

e.Managers – We currently have 8 or 9 managers lined up for the 2019 weeknight season and just one manager for Saturday season. That leaves us about 3 – 4 short for weeknights and 3 short for Saturdays depending on the # of teams we have next year. If we don't have enough managers to field 11 teams like this year or the possibility of 12 teams next year we will have to limit the number of players we can admit to the league. We need more members to volunteer to manage a team so we can ensure all who want to play can play. We would like additional managers as soon as possible as late additions will be at a disadvantage when it comes to picking a designated player for their team. We will put this message on the website to try and get more members to be managers.

f.Managers Packets – The board has decided there needs to be Managers Packets for all managers starting with the 2019 season. Jim Vinella with assistance from Gary W will put the packet together for approval of the board and members. The packets should be approved and in place before the 2019 season.

g.Umpire Clinic – There will be an Umpire Clinic for all umpires taught by Ray Patton prior to the 2019 season. Some of the ideas for the clinic were discussed and suggestions are welcomed. RP suggested that conduct be addressed and stressed that the Board back up this particular issue.

h.Members as Umpires – a question about whether having members as umpires was good for the league. The reason we used members as umpires this year was because we have only 2 umpires that were hired for the season and when they are unable to miss games we needed to cover their absences. Bob asked if we should advertise to get more non-member umpires. Bob O made a motion to increase umpire pay to $30 per game and eliminate travel money. Jim V seconded the motion. The motion was voted on and passed 4 – 0.

i.Banners – Jim V will take the banners down. We also need a new “Sign Up” banner.

j.Sponsors – Jim V will be sending thank you letters to all of our sponsors.

  1. Our next board meeting will be on November 7th. The location is yet to be determined.

Meeting Closed by Present Lisa Duggins at 8:29PM

Submitted: Gary Wuestenberg, Secretary, October 6, 2018 by email to the board.

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