August 1 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Published by James McCammon
Sep 24, 2018

GCSSA BOARD MEETING Minutes for August 1, 2018

DATE: August 1, 2018

PLACE: Northridge Restaurant Penn Valley

CALLED TO ORDER: Time: 6:31 PM By: President Lisa Duggins

BOARD MEMBERS Present: President: Lisa Duggins

Treasure: Bob Olsen

Communications Director: Jim Vinella

Secretary: Gary Wuestenberg

Field Maintenance director: Jon Cosbie

BOARD MEMBERS Absent - Vice President: Bill Fingerson, Special Events Director: Tom


Members present: Dan House, Ray Patton

Financials - Bob Olsen stated and provided a spreadsheet showing the current balance to be

$19,378.81. With Income being $38,358.53 and Expenses being $26,583.42.

a. Tax exempt status questions were raised. The board is looking into what it takes to remain a

non-profit (Income limits, etc.). Dan House said he would check with the Park about their

understating of the tax exempt status and let us know what he learns.

b. Jon C proposed hiring a bookkeeper to maintain our books professionally, Jim V seconded

the motion. The motion passed unanimously 5-0.

c. Bob O proposed raising the scorekeeper wages to a flat $25 per game (amounts to a $2

raise), acknowledging that what they do is an important service to the league. Jon C

seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously 5-0.


Lisa Duggins - Brought up the frequency of meetings and thought we should schedule our next

meeting while we were together and thinking about it. It was decided that our next meeting will

be a General Meeting to be held August 16th after the last regular season game at the ball fields

like last year. The next Board Meeting will be at 6:30 pm on September 5th to be held at

Margaritas in Grass Valley.


Volunteer Recognition - It has been the leagues practice to acknowledge the many volunteers

with a tag on a plaque and to do that the year after the fact. Jim Vinella proposed that we give

recognition on our league website. We will also acknowledge last years volunteers at our next

General meeting. A suggestion was made to do the recognition at the start of the All-Star games

starting with next year.


Umpires - A discussion was held about league players umpiring vs non-league umpires and how

it is working out this season. There was positive response about the players that do umpire with a

concern about the potential for perceived favoritism. It was suggested that prior to next season

that we hold an Umpire Clinic to make sure the people that are umpiring know not just the

USSSA softball rules but are also aware of and enforcing the additional GCSSA rules. It was

recommended that Ray Patton head the umpire clinic next year. It was also recommended that we

gather input from the current player/umpires and managers as to what rules have been of a

concern or confusing and which rules need more attention paid too. Basically get some good

input so that our player/umpires are enforcing and upholding the GCSSA rules. We also talked

about some incidents that have occurred this year between umpires and team managers and

players. We will ask our Umpire coordinator to have a conversation with the umpires about what

the leagues expectations are.


Dan H will be preparing a rating sheet for the managers and umpires to rate each other for this



End of Season Tournament - There will be a Double Elimination Tournament at the end of the

season. With 11 teams the team that wins the weeknight league will have a bye for the first

round. 2nd place team will play 11th place team, 3rd place team will play 10th place team, etc.

1st place team will play lowest seeded team in the winners bracket. There will possibly be a

consolation bracket for the first 4 teams that lose 2 games. Lisa D will put a bracket together.

Dates will be posted on the website.


Survey Questions - A few suggestions for a survey were discussed - without getting into

specifics the suggestions brought up were: Possibly having a 2 week break after/during the All-

Star game time; How do the players feel about the hats and shirts from this year; Board elections

and candidates.


Shirts and Hats - Bob O suggested the league go directly to Jill for our shirts and hats next year.

Board Elections will be coming up and we will have 3 openings to fill. Lisa D says she will run



Scheduling - The board will look for better game scheduling software for next season. Gary W

suggested hiring someone (college/high school math wiz) to help with this.


Open Discussion -

Saturday replacement player - AJA Video is down one player. Bill Stanley is asking to join the

league and be admitted. The board will ask the Saturday managers about this because Bill is

considered a 1 and the player he would replace was a 5.


Saturday Fan Appreciation Day - August 11th is Fan Appreciation Day. This will be put on by

AJA Video and they would like to invite the board. They would like the board to post on the



Jim V says that Bill Cordery has a barbecue he would like to donate. Thank you Bill! We will

store the barbecue in the sheds. No gas will be provided, that will be the responsibility of the

party(s) that use it.


Jon C updated us on the field watering and maintenance - He pulled 7 sprinkler heads and found

dirt in most of them. They were cleaned out and should work better for a while. He suggested

training more volunteers on how to maintain the fields, particularly watering.


Meeting adjourned by Lisa Duggins @ 8:05

Submitted to the board by Gary Wuestenberg, Secretary.