Board Meeting Minutes - December 13, 2018

Published by James McCammon
Jan 17, 2019
GCSSA Board of Directors Meeting

December 13, 201 – Mayas Restaurant

Board Members present – Lisa Duggins, Gary Wuestenburg, Jim Vinella, Bill Fingerson, Jon Cosbie, Ray Patton.

Board Member absent – Robert Coleman

League Members present, Bob Champagne, Bob Olsen, Steve Schliff.

The meeting was called to order by President Lisa Duggins at 6:42 p.m.

The first order of business was confirming working positions of Board Members.

President - Lisa had already been voted into the President positionat the short Board Meeting after the last League General Meeting.

Treasurer and Secretary- Ray had offered to serve as Treasurer at that last meeting. After some consideration, Ray told the Board that he did not feel he had the appropriate computer skills to be able to properly carry out the responsibilities of that position. Gary graciously offered to exchange his Secretary position and take over the Treasurer job. Bob Olsen (the Treasurer the last two years) has also offered to continue working with Board and John Stillwell has offered to do the bookkeeping work. Lisa appointed a Finance Committee consisting of Gary, Bob and John to handle the League’s financial matters.

Communications – Jim Vinella offered to continue as Communications Director.

Field Director – Jon Cosby will continue as Field Director.

Vice President – Bill Fingerson agreed to continue as Vice President.

Special Events – Robert Coleman was appointed Special Events Director.

Correspondence -Lisa reported that we just received a letter with a ballot and response to the last survey. It arrived in the League’s Post Office Box mysteriously with no postage, but arrived too late be recorded in either the election or the survey results.

Preliminary Budget for 2019 – Bob Olsen had prepared a preliminary 2019 Budget for review by the Board.After considerable discussion, Jim moved acceptance of the preliminary budget, it was seconded by Gary and approved by a 6 to 0 vote of the Board. The final budget for 2019 will be completed after the Board knows how many players sign up to play, how many teams we have and what projects we may be able to take on in 2019.

Bylaws–After discussion, it was agreed that all the Board Members would review the Bylaws and discuss any changes that may be necessary at a January 3, 2019 meeting.

Rules - Lisa will appoint a Rules Committee consisting of a couple Board Members and several interested League members to review any potential rules changes for the 2019 Season. Initial Committee appointees are Bob Champagne, Steve Schliff, Lisa Duggins and Ray Patton.

River Cats Tickets – The promotion offered by the River Cats to be able to play a game on their field was not financially realistic. It required purchasing 500 $20 tickets. There is another option they offer for purchasing discounted tickets at a group rate. That option requires a minimum of 20 tickets. There was a general consensus that we could get at least twenty League members and their family members interested in attending a game together. Lisa said she would look into this option further.

“Things To Do” – The Board reviewed a worksheet prepared a number of years ago by then Board Member Richard Eacobacci that outlined tasks that needed to been accomplished on a month to month basis, by either the Board or a League Committee. All the Board Members are very appreciative of Richard’s list and plan to use it throughout the year to assure we meet our requirements to oversee the operation of the League effectively. Thanks, Richard!

Field and Equipment Security – There was an extensive discussion regarding safeguarding our equipment and supplies. It is apparent that there are many, many keys to our storage sheds in circulation. Jon mentioned concerns he has regarding the safe guarding of our equipment and reported a number of items have been removed from storage and not returned. The Board will review key security and develop a plan that provides the best security while allowing access to those who have the need to use the equipment and supplies stored at the field.

January General Meeting – We will try to schedule the next General Meeting for Thursday, January 17, at the Buttermaker’s Cottage at the Park.

Players’ Fees–There was a major discussion regarding player fees. Basically, there were two areas that were of primary concern. There was a consensus that player standard player fees should not be raised. The other concern related to the difficulty recruiting an adequate number of managers, make preparation for the draft and finalize an accurate annual budget when the total number of players in each League are not known until the last minute. The standard fees will be $160 for weeknights and $135 for Saturdays. After much discussion regarding how we might encourage more timely (earlier) signups it was moved byGary and seconded by Jon that fees received in person, or postmarked after March 15 would be subject to a 10% additional charge. That motion passed 5 to 1, with Jim Vinella dissenting. There was also discussion regarding giving players who sign up for both Leagues to get a small break in fees. It was moved Bill and seconded by Jon that normal fees for those signing up for both Leagues would be $265 (a $30 break). This motion passed 5 to 1 with Jim dissenting.

Fee Schedule: Weeknights - $160, after March 15, $176. Saturday - $135, after March 15, $148.50. Both Leagues - $265, after March 15, $291.50.

General Discussion – There is the concern that the Western Gateway Park Board may not be fully aware of the many contributions GCSSA makes to the Park. While player and former President Dan House is on that Board, it was felt it would possibly put him in an awkward position to make our case to that Board. Jon said he would attend a Board meeting and highlight the contributions our players make to the Park.

Field Maintenance–There was consensus that the Board would like to support and fund some projects in 2019. Jon said he would prepare a list of projects League volunteers might take on. Some projects that were mentioned as possibilities were repairing dugouts, removing the berm between the infields and the outfield grass and running electrical service to the dugouts. Steve Schliff offered to complete any carpentry projects we may identify. Steve has already completed several projects in the last 18 months.

Team Managers – Lisa announced that we now have ten (10) managers for weeknights and five (5) for Saturday.

Lisa adjourned the meeting at 8:44 p.m.