January 17 Board Meeting Minutes

Published by James McCammon
Feb 02, 2019

GCSSA BOD Meeting - January 17,2019

Buttermaker’s Cottage – Western Gateway Park

Board Members present – Lisa Duggins, Jim Vinella, Gary Wuestenberg, Robert Coleman, Ray Patton. Board Members absent – Bill Fingerson, Jon Cosbie

Members present – Steve Schiff, George Brindley, John Stillwell, Mike Franks, Jeff Rice, Don Wilson, J.R. Rothenberger

The meeting was called to order by President Lisa Duggins at 6:45 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report – Gary reported that he had ordered 30 dozen softballs. He was able to get the same balls as last year, for the same price. Total cost, $1,758. Current balance in our account is $13,257.70

Rules Committee - Ray reported that the Rules Committee met before the Board Meeting and was able to review about one-third of the rules. Suggested amendments for that portion of the League rules were either drafted or referred to one of the committee members to develop a draft change for our next meeting. All changes to the rules must be incorporated and approved before March 1.

Bylaws – Lisa reported on the meeting of January 3 the Board had to do the annual review of the Bylaws. All members of the Board present agreed that her e-mailed synopsis of the meeting was accurate.

Managers’ Information – Jim and Gary reported on their progress on the information the League will provide to all team managers. That information will include conduct of play, substitution procedures, appeal process, field setup and take down responsibilities and other information that will make the managers’ job easier.

Umpire Meeting - Ray is preparing a similar information packet for everyone who will be umpiring this year. There will be a meeting or two to provide any rule changes and areas both the Board and League Members who have ask for some improvement in umpire performances, e.g. getting out from behind the plate to make infield calls. Ray plans to hold the umpire meeting(s) on the days of signups.

Sponsors and Advertising Banners – Jim is getting letters ready to go to potential sponsors, both team sponsors and banner advertisers. Robert has contacted about 10 potential sponsors or advertisers. Robert and Jim will coordinate to avoid overlapping contacts. There are additional sponsors if we have enough players for more than 10 teams on weeknights and 4 on Saturdays. Jim said the banner advertising signups at Western Gateway is almost ready for installation.

Rivercats Game – Lisa has been in contact with a Rivercats public relations guy about League members and their families attending a game together at Raley Field. There is a minimum of 20 tickets required for this to be “League Event”. There was voiced support from both the Board and many of the League Members present to go to a game as a group. There are a variety of price options available, depending on which section we want to reserve seats. A $110 deposit is required to reserve a date. There were specific dates available for group reservations. The consensus was that Sunday, May 5 would probably be a good date for most of our members. Jim moved that we reserve May with the $110 deposit. The motion was seconded by Ray and passed 5-0. Jim and Robert will coordinate the effort to solicit participation from the members. They will make information available on the website.

Registration Forms – The 2019 Registration Forms will be available on the website by January 27, with clear explanation of the signup deadline. There was discussion of the need for a “hard” deadline to allow adequate time to prepare for the drafts. Ray moved, Gary seconded March 25 being the final deadline for receipt of paid registrations. The motion passed 5-0.

Player Drafts – The Saturday draft is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 31, pending approval of the Saturday Managers. The weeknight draft will be Wednesday evening, April 3. Both drafts will be held at Buttermakers’ Cottage at Western Gateway Park. There was considerable discussion regarding limiting the number of players on each team to 12. It was generally agreed that teams with 13 players (while others had only 12) were at a disadvantage. To this end, the number of players in the drafts will be limited to multiples of 12, allowing each team to have the same number of players. It was agreed that if we were a little short of the multiples of 12, we would try to recruit enough additional players to make the multiples of 12. If we are well short of having enough players to have 10, 11, or 12 teams of 12 each, we will place the remaining few players on a waiting list, available when someone is injured for an extended time, or needs to quit. J.R. suggested that players with previous League experience be given preference. It was the consensus that players would be put in the draft based upon the time their paid registration is received by the League.

Start of Season – The Saturday League will start their season on April 6. Weeknight League will begin April 8.

Draft Order and Substitution Modifications – Jeff made a lengthy presentation with suggestions for trying to make the draft process more equal, i.e. fair. The basis for his recommendations were the use of offensive statistics (runs produced per game) as the primary factor in making adjustments to the draft order based upon the 2018 offensive statistics of this year’s managers and their designated players. Using those offensive statistics from 2018 would also be used to determine the “ranking” of players relative to their ability to substitute for another team during the upcoming season, rather than their actual draft number. The theory being, this would substantially nullify inequalities in the draft selection process, relative to substitutions. As Jeff had only computed statistics from the 2018 Weeknight League, he

offered to do the same calculations for the Saturday League if the Board decided to move forward with this process. There were many questions and comments from both Board Members and the other members present. As this is a complex issue, Lisa tabled the matter for further discussion and consideration by the Board at its next meeting.

Umpires and Scorekeepers – Bill Fingerson reported to Lisa before the meeting that he had contacted the umpires from last season and had potentially ten to cover our games for this coming year. The Cook’s are also wanting to continue as scorekeepers this year.

Other New Business – Lisa mentioned that we need a new lockable storage cabinet in our shed. Steve Schliff offered to build a wooden storage cabinet. It was agreed that would be great.

Good of the League – The Board recognized Steve for the projects he has undertaken for the League, including his recent repair of the left field fence storage boxes (which he made in the first place). Lisa thanked the League Members for showing up and participating in the meeting.

Adjournment – Lisa adjourned the Board meeting at 8:25 p.m. to go into Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter.