February 27 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Published by James McCammon
Mar 04, 2019

GCSSA Board and Managers’ Meeting – Feb. 27, 2019

Buttermakers’ Cottage – Western Gateway Park

Board Members present; Lisa Duggins, Robert Coleman, Jim Vinella, Gary Wuestenberg, Ray Patton

Board Members absent: Jon Cosby, Bill Fingerson

Managers present: Clyde Crider, George Brindley, Eric Dahlgren, Bob Guilbault, Rick Miner, Jeff Rice, Dominic Albano, Don Wilson, Gary Wuestenberg, Robert Coleman, Dave Billings, Scott Delamaggoria, Bob Champagne, JR Rothenberger, Dan House.

The meeting was called to order by President Lisa Duggins at 6:01 p.m.

Minutes of the Last Meeting - Lisa inquired if anyone wished to have the minutes of the last Board meeting read. Nobody requested they be read.

Treasurer’s Report – Gary reported a February 1 total in our account of $13,270. With the influx of 2019 registrations the balance as of February 27 is $21,078.75.

Managers’ Information Packet – Gary and Jim reported that they were nearly finished with the information packet for managers which will provide them with information to assist them in managing their teams. Information will include duties of the manager, ethics issues to share with team members, a rule book and other helpful information.

Rules Committee – Ray thanked the Rules Committee members for all their work in reviewing rules for use in the 2019 season. Rules Committee members are George Brindley, Steve Schliff, Bob Champagne, Lisa Duggins, Gary Wuestenberg and Ray Patton. Most of the proposed changes involved clarifying existing rules. Those included several rules dealing with batters 70+ and women, clarification of the protest procedure and batters out of the “batter’s box” (stepping across the front line). The major addition proposal, because of player safety issues were to have a two-year ban for players batting with an altered bat. The Rules Committee submitted their recommendation to the Board for their consideration at the next meeting.

New Draft and Substitute Player Proposal – Jeff Rice made a presentation on a system that would take into consideration players’ offensive statistics from the 2018 season to determine what “rank” they would be in relative to being able to substitute for another team. This would prevent a player with a lower draft number than their offensive stats would indicate from substituting for a team, thus giving that team an unfair advantage. The primary criteria are OPS, which is the On Base Percentage, plus the Slugging Average. Runs created per game RC/Game is also factor. It was pointed out that these are all offensive statistics, which are the only statistics our League currently records. The second portion of the proposal is to adjust the draft order taking into consideration the combined OPS and RC/Game of the manager and their designee to determine both the draft

order and the rounds of the draft a team would have a bye (not being able to select in that round). There was considerable discussion from the managers regarding both issues. The managers then voted, by secret ballot on their preferences on the two issues. The vote regarding using this system to determine the draft order was 13 to 2 in favor. The vote regarding using last year’s offensive statistics to determine where a player may be used by another team as substitute was 9 to 6 in favor. As the Board did not have a quorum (two of the five Board Members present are managers and had to recuse themselves from voting, leaving only three members available to vote), the final Board decision on the matter will take place at a later time.

(At this point the non-Board member managers left the meeting.)

Field Reservations - Coordination of field time is being done with Western Gateway Park, Little League and the Masters League. All should be resolved soon.

Uniforms – George Brindley, Jim and Gary have confirmed availability of uniform shirts and hats from two local vendors (Matteson and Arrow). They are negotiating prices and will pick a vendor soon. Some of the team managers confirmed their selection of uniform colors.

Sponsors – Jim gave a report on the status of sponsor support payments, both for teams and advertising banners for the outfield fences. More personal contacts will be made in the next week to confirm sponsors and get their sponsorship payments. A new banner has been installed.

Rivercats Game – We need to send a confirmation and the $110 deposit to reserve our space for League attendance at the May 5 Rivercats Game. Lisa will contact the Rivercats representative.

Bylaws – The bylaws have been reviewed and it appears the consensus is that no substantive changes need to be made at this time. Further review may occur after the kerfuffle of sign ups and the draft are concluded.

Recognition – George Brindley was recognized and lauded by the Board for his contributions in both researching a uniform vendor and for his work with the Rules Committee.

Adjournment – Lisa adjourned the meeting at 8:10 p.m.

After the meeting was adjourned, Lisa confirmed which Board Members would be available to assist in sign ups this coming Saturday, March 2. She said there would be no play on the fields because of the rain and the sign ups would be held in Buttermakers Cottage from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. Lisa confirmed the other sign up dates as March 9, 16 and 23.

Respectfully submitted by Ray Patton, Secretary