May 29 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Published by James McCammon
Jun 09, 2019

GCSSA Board of Directors – May 29, 2019

Buttermakers Cottage – Western Gateway Park

Board Members present:  Lisa Duggins, Robert Coleman, Ray Patton, Gary Wuestenberg

Board Members absent:  Jon Cosbie, Bill Fingerson, Jim Vinella

League Members present: George Brindley, Scott DellaMaggiora

All managers were invited to this meeting as suspended game rules were to be discussed and the Board wished to have manager input.  Managers present; Robert and Scott (Saturdays), George and Gary (weeknights).

President Lisa Duggins called the meeting to order at 7:01.

Treasurer’s Report – Gary reported that our balance as of April 30 was $41,838.25.  Known outstanding pending expenditures are $6,480 for field use, plus however many games we play in the season ending tournaments; All Star game costs of $81; unknown cost for field improvements pending cost estimate and approval by League Members.

All Star Games – The Board agreed there would continue to be three games.  The games will be played on July 2 at 3:00, 4:30 and 6:00.  Robert and Bill Fingerson are in charge of organizing this event.  Robert said he would schedule a meeting for the Organizing Committee soon.  Gary reported the hats for the participants have been ordered.  Food, drinks, utensils and condiments need to be purchased.  Stewart McKenzie has offered to donated a Bar-B-Q grill to the League.  Ballots need to be prepared very soon so they can be distributed to the players in the next week or two.  We need ask Larry Clark if he can provide his PA system again, along with his old advertisement jingles.  They were a big hit last year.

Injured Player Replacements - There have been a number of players who have sustained an injury that will keep them out for an extended period, if not the entire season.  The Board committed to replacing injured players with another player with as equitable skills as the injured player.  It is the Board’s intension to neither significantly improve a team with a substitute, nor impair them.

Suspended Games - We discussed how we are going to deal with the games that were suspended due to rain.  Review of SSUSARule 5.4 E states, “Games that are not considered regulation shall be resumed at the exact point where they were stopped.”.  As it may not be possible to complete the suspended game with exactly the same lineup, it was decided that a team cannot “improve” their lineup for the continuation of that game, e.g. cannot get a higher ranked substitute than was used in the beginning of that game, or use a roster player who is a higher rank than a substitute who played for him/her in the portion of the game that has already been played.

Scoreboard Lights – Gary will check what type of lights we need to purchase the replace the burned-out lights.  It was agreed that we would purchase additional lights, beyond what is needed for immediate replacement so as to have replacements readily available in the future.

Request to Use our Field Time – Lisa received a letter from The Wildland Firefighter Foundation requesting the use both Fields on either Saturday June 29 or Saturday July 6.  After discussion among the Board and with input from the Saturday managers present, the Board offered them July 6 via e-mail.  The Foundation representative promptly responded that they hadchanged their plans and wouldn’t need the fields after all.

End of the Year Tournaments – It was agreed the weeknight tournament would be double elimination.  It was reported to Board Members that many players have expressed their approval of this format and that last year’s tournament was very well received.  With input from the Saturday managers present, it was decided the Saturday tournament would be round robin, with the top two teams from the round robin playing for the championship.

Rules Issues – Serious concerns were expressed regarding the number of collisions that have occurred where runners have run into infielders, often at high speed.  The consensus was that we have been fortunate that no one has been seriously injured and that we need to take some preventative action to reduce the occurrence of these incidents.  SSUSA Rule 8.3 E under the category ‘A Runner is Out’, states, “When he interferes with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball or intentionally interferes with a fielder attempting to throw a ball.”  We discussed that typically umpires rule that if the fielder doesn’t actually throw the ball, there is no interference.  We agreed that we DO NOT want the fielder to throw the ball where it might hit the runner (often in the head if they interfere by coming into the base standing up).  Also, if the fielder does throw the ball wildly to avoid hitting the runner and the umpire does not rule interference, the defensive team is penalized twice.  After much discussion we decided to instruct the umpires to be very strict in calling out runners who do not slide or get out of the way on potential throws after their out, even if the defensive player is ready to throw, but does actually throw to avoid possibly hitting the base runner.  If the runner hits the fielder who is playing/attempting to throw, with force (knocking them down or totally off balance), the runner shall be ejected.

Umpire Clinic – Ray is preparing an outline of issues to discuss with all umpires, Gary is making an initial review.  The final version will be brought before the Board at the next meeting for final approval.  The intent was to conduct this clinic before the season began, but Ray said he was unable to get it completed in time to do that.  So, it is late.

Managers’ Packet - All managers’ information was given out prior to the beginning of the season by Gary and Jim.  Manager’s reports are that is has been very helpful.

Communications Report – There was no report.

Rivercats Game – Robert and Jim are going to consult with the Rivercats representative regarding League member and family attendance at a game.  It was suggested that they ask if we can possibly postpone until next year to allow more time to notify the membership.  They will look into that option.

Security – Lisa reported all locks have now been changed and the appropriate people have been issued keys.

Special Recognition – The Board unanimously recognized Larry Clark for his significant and ongoing work in preparing the infields for play.  This has resulted in a major improvement in playing conditions. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Ray Patton, Secretary