June 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Published by James McCammon
Jul 18, 2019

GCSSA Board of Directors – June 26, 2019

Buttermakers Cottage – Western Gateway Park

Board Members present: Lisa Duggins, Jon Cosbie, Bill Fingerson, Robert Coleman, Ray Patton (Gary Wuestenburg arrived after beginning of the meeting) Board Member absent: Jim Vinella

League Members present: George Brindley, Dan House, Bob Guilbault, Dave Billingsly, and Don Heyfron.

The meeting was called to order by President Lisa Duggins at 6:38 p.m.

Financial Report – Lisa reported that we currently have $37,697.78 in our account.  Outstanding known expenditures in field rental for both the Saturday and Weeknight End of the Season  Tournaments. 

End of the Season Tournaments (EOS) - The Saturday EOS Tournament will be round robin, with the two teams with the best records in the round robin playing a single game for the championship.  The Weeknight EOS Tournament will be double elimination.

Saturday Game Protest – Don Wilson, manager of the Vaquera Ranch team e-mailed GaryWuestenburg on Monday to protest his team’s game of Saturday, June 22.  The protest was regarding Shabby Shack not having enough players at the game start time of 9:00 a.m.  There were a number of problems with the computerized scoring software that prevented the game from starting on time.  By the time the scoring system was back operational, Shabby Shack had a legal number of players.  The umpire, JR Rothenberger, began the game as soon as the scorekeeping system was operational.  The was no evidence that a protest was entered at that time, or at any time during or immediately after the game.  As the protest request was not timely and no paperwork or protest fees were filed with the League, the protest was deemed moot.

(Gary Wuestenburg arrived at this time)

Field Maintenance Report – Jon Cosbie reported that Bob Swarthout is awaiting the soils report on our infields.  This is necessary before we know the cost of the additives needed to rejuvenate the infields on both Fields 1 and 2.  Jon said there is also a backlog with the company that mixes the additives.  It was expressed that the Board needed all the costs for this project and will also need to get an approval from the League Members before we could do anything.  Jon said he would keep in touch with Bob S. and get the Board the results of the soils report and costs as soon as they were available.  Jon said he needed a substitute to mow the fields if we wanted it done before the All-Star Games.  He is going to be out of town.  George Brindley suggested the field maintenance crew do a periodic clean up around the scorekeepers’ tables. The tables are often very dirty and there are spiders under the tables.  The was a general consensus that the field maintenance effort has been superb.  Thank you to Larry Clark, Dan House and Jon Cosbie.

Umpire Clinic – Ray announced there would be an umpire clinic/rules discussion and clarification meeting on Saturday, July 13 at 2:00 p.m. at the Fields.

Communications Committee – There was no report.

All-Star Games–The votes were counted and verified by League members present.  The nucleus of each team was determined and the respective managers for each age group left the meeting and got together to fill out the teams (12 members) and alternates (at least one) per team.

Rivercats Tickets – The League had purchased 20 tickets to Rivercats games with the idea of having League members and their families go to a game.  That coordination did not come together, so it was decided to have a raffle at the All-Star Game to recoup the cost to the League.  The face value of each ticket is $19.  It was also decided to raffle them in pairs, so there would be 10 winners.

Injured and Departed Players – Keith Stroup has left the area, leaving PVMS a player short.  It was agreed to allow Ron Sasaki fill that vacancy.  Gary reminded JR that Ron would have to sign the waiver before he can play.

Scoreboard Lights – Chuck Davidson and JR Rothenberger made temporary repairs to the scoreboard.  Replacement lights are still needed.  Jon Cosbie said he would check out the lights and try to determine what type of replacement lights are needed.

Maintenance Day – It was suggested that the Maintenance Crew solicit helpers to accomplish some of the bigger project.  It was also suggested to provide a lunch for the volunteer workers.  Jon suggested the volunteers only work for four hours.  He has found that production tends to fall off after about four hours.  Jon will get with Dan House to arrange a schedule.

Special Recognition – The Board recognized Dan House for his many contributions to the League, currently heading up Field Maintenance and being liaison to Western Gateway Park.

Season Championship Awards – Robert suggested the End of the Season Champions be awarded the same as the League Champions.  Bob Guilbault suggested the manager of the winning team decide what type of shirt, sweatshirt, jacket the team should get, within the League budget.  It was suggested the Board look into the dollar amount the League contributes to the awards as everything is costing more these days.  Both of those suggestions were tabled for a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Ray Patton, Secretary