April 2019 General Board Meeting Minutes

Published by James McCammon
Jul 18, 2019

GCSSA General Meeting – April 24, 2019

Buttermakers Cottage – Western Gateway Park

Board Members present: Lisa Duggins, Bill Fingerson, Jim Vinella, Ray Patton, Jon Cosby

Board Members absent: Robert Coleman, Gary Wuestenberg

League Members present: Dan House, Mike Franks, Bob Swarthout, Steve Schliff

President Lisa Duggins called the meeting to order at 6:31 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report – Lisa reported the we currently have $41,838.25 in our account.  We recently received advertising sign payment from A to Zen and team sponsor fees from Tuff Grass.  Our outstanding bills include the cost of embroidery on hats, field rental fees to Western Gateway Park and the ongoing expense for scorekeepers and umpires.  Team shirts and hats are paid for.  There were a couple minor problems with shirts (missing stripes).  It was agreed that those needed to be resolved in some manner.  Jim or George Brindley will look into it. There has been a bit of a delay in receiving the hats, but there have been numerous favorable comments about the early arrival of uniform shirts.

Player Draft–Lisa asked for comments about this year’s player draft.  Dan said he thought the draft went very smoothly and that the necessary information was sent to the managers in a timely and complete manner.  Steve Schliff said Gene Cresswell told him that he was very happy playing with a group of new teammates.  Several others voiced the same opinion.  Because of the draft we all get to play with at least some new teammates every year.  Ray mentioned he has heard numerous comments favoring the elimination of designated players for next year.  There was some discussion about how this would work.  The consensus was it could be accomplished with random draft order.  The concerns the last two years has been that several managers said they wouldn’t manage if they couldn’t designate a player.  Consensus was that if managers were recruited earlier, with the knowledge there would be no designated players, this would be less of a problem as we could have managers for whom it was not a problem.  Dan suggested and it was agreed that is would be good to offer some newer League Members the opportunity to manage a team.  Bill said he had heard a number of comments from players that the teams seemed pretty balanced.  Jim also thought the draft generated even teams.  Lisa said she would like to see if we could expand the personal statistics to include defensive abilities.

Rainout Rescheduling–It was agreed to use Monday, July 1 as a makeup date for rained out games.  Lisa said she would review the schedule to assure a team wouldn’t have a double header that evening and get out the rain out rescheduleto the effected teams right away.


Rules Committee - Ray reported there has been difficulty integrating the rule clarifications onto the new website, so the 2019 revisions are not yet on the website.  The only significant rule change was the addition of a rule requiring for a two-year suspension for any player who uses an altered bat. 

Batting Practice Balls – Jon pointed out the League’s batting practice balls are in pretty poor condition.  He suggested we replace them with better balls.  It was agreed we will help replace the practice balls with used game balls as soon as we have enough used game balls to do so.  We would also ask for donations from some of the players to help “purchase” the balls. This should be in the next two or three weeks.

Sign Up Banner - Jim reported that we need to make significant repairs or replace the existing banner.  Jim said he would follow up with the vendor to see about repairs.  The banner did not come from the vendor with wind cutouts as requested.  If the original vendor will not make it right, Jim with order another banner from a different vendor.

Advertising Signs – Bob requested the Board approve a new contract for advertising signs.  After some discussions and clarification, Bill moved we adopt the new contract language.  Jim seconded the motion.  The motion passed 5-0.

Infield Improvements – Bob told us that in order to get the most out of adding amendments to the infields we should get the soil tested.  Jon and Dan said they would get soil samples to Bob to get the test results.  This will allow us to purchase the correct type and quantity of soil amendments if we choose to do so.  There was consensus of those present that we should go forward with the planning process to determine the cost of improving the infields on Fields 1,2 and 3.  We anticipate the cost of this work will require League Member approval so the sooner we can gather all relative information the better.  We would like to do the work soon after the end of this season, or before the beginning of next season if we can afford the work and members approve.

Sacramento Rivercats – We agreed to move our date to attend a Rivercats game from May 5 to later in the year.  Jim will check with the Rivercats sales person on potential available dates.  The requirement from the Rivercats is only that we pick a Sunday afternoon game date.  Jim will get information out to members as soon as he can get details worked out with the Rivercats.

Website Assistance - James McCammon has offered to assist working on the website to get it fully operational.  This will be a great help.

Umpire Issues – Bill reported that although he tried to make the schedule where our League member umpires would not have to work games the same evening their respective teams were playing there are a couple of nights that is not possible.  The part-time umpires at the meeting told Bill they were sure this would not be a problem.  It is only one or possibly two times any umpire would be affected.  Bill said he would go ahead and finish out the umpire schedule for the remainder of the year.                                                                                                                          Steve mentioned that there been issues where players have expressed concerns that an umpire may be unfamiliar with all the rules.  Bill and Ray agreed to look into the matter and try to correct any deficiencies.


Key Security – Lisa had the main storage door rekeyed and will have the other storage locks replaced as soon as possible.  The new keys will be issued to Managers, Board Members and few of the lead persons from the Field Maintenance Crew.  This will provide better security for our equipment and supplies.

Recognition Plaque – Steve related that he had constructed a plaque a couple of years ago with wood supplied by Dan House and glass supplied by Jim Moule and it has not been installed.  The Board thanked the contributors and agreed the caseshould be utilized.  Jim moved and Bill seconded a motion to repurpose the case and use it to hold updates and announcements for the League.  The motion passed 5-0.

There being no further businessLisa adjourned the meeting at 8:04 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Ray Patton, Secretary