2022 Season

Published by Gcssa Softball
Apr 26, 2022
GCSSA Board members, players, umpires, and scorekeepers,
Welcome back!  We are off and running with Monday night's (4/25/22) games kicking off the season.  For those of you playing and those in attendance we witnessed two obvious additions to our league which seem to have been very well received, yes those new hitting mats.  So far, the feedback has been very positive. 

Also, we saw several new rules in action which seemed to speed up the games as anticipated. I personally would like to thank several GCSSA members/players who have stepped up to assist the NEW Board in preparation for this season.  Past President, Ken Johnston, who has been my sounding board, and confidant. James McCammon and Mike Ruggiero whose IT prowess has been invaluable.  Joe Macrina, who created our season schedule and was an integral part of the team who relocated the Joe Moreno monument to a more visible/appropriate location. The "Dream Team" who provide us with the most playable surface in a rural community that is unrivalled, Dan House, Jon Cosbie, Larry Clark, Don Heyfron, Blake Andrews, and Scott Jones.  Also, a special thank you to Bill Fingerson who replaced the fire-lane gate and Bill Baxley who built and installed the rack which stores our new batting mats. 

Lastly, my fellow Board members whom have shown a dedication to this league that I personally have always taken for granted.  Bob Guilbault, Mike Franks, Chuck Davidson, Don Wilson, and Eric Dahlgren.  Your commitment to your roles is appreciated and has truly made this job bearable. 

Have a great season,
Jim Guzman