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2017 Saturday and Weekday League Leaders

For Saturday:

MVP – Brad Scott

Rookie-of-the-Year – Arno Jacobi

RBI Champs – 50's: Michael Antisdel, 67

60's: Charles Pevey, 53

70+: Ray Patton, 31

Batting Champs – 50

2017 League Results + Summary

2017 Weekday League Summary

PV Mini Storage Are GCSSA Weekday Champs

The Weekday senior's league was hotly contested, but Penn Valley Mini-Storage prevailed with an unprecedented 28-8 record. In addition to winning the RBI and batting average crown for 50-year-olds, Chuck Davidson(PV Mini-Storage) was also named MVP and teammate Jim Knight was named Rookie-o

Obituary for Don Lovas

Donald Michael Lovas passed away on August 30, 2017. He was 85.


He was born in Youngstown Ohio on February 7, 1932 to Elizabeth and Louis Lovas. They moved to Philadelphia, PA. when he was 5 and that is where he grew up.

At 18 Don joined the Navy and served in the Korean War. He settled in California after the war, married Anne Hardt and

Board Election Results + 2017 Player Survey + Bylaws Amendments Results

Election Results: Jim Vinella, Jon Cosbie, Gary Wuestenberg and Bill Fingerson have been elected and will join Tom Paone, Lisa Duggins and Bob Olsen on the 2017 - 18 board.

2017 Player Survey: Click here.

Softball & The Psoas Muscle by Dr. Rick Miner

Tips for Preventing Common Softball Injuries

GCSSA Volunteer Field Maintenance Program

"Our" ball fields belong to Western Gateway Park. However, the Park does not have the money or manpower to maintain the fields to the standards we desire. Over the years, GCSSA has assumed the task of field maintenance using our own donated money and our own volunteer manpower. -- Dan House, Head of Field Maintenance

Time To Get Back In The Game - GCSSA Softball Sign-Ups Are Underway

James McCammon, a well-seasoned and avid GCSSA softball player, explains why you should get off your good intentions and join our softball league.

Saturday Fan Appreciation Day(8/26)


Here are some of the photos taken during the recent Saturday League Fan Appreciation Day. You can download the photos at this location:

Saturday Fan Appreciation Day(8/26) Photos


Here are some of the photos taken during the recent Saturday League Fan Appreciation Day. You can download the photos at this location:


2017 Team Photos

Team photos will be put at this location for download. For viewing go to this link:

Team Photos

Fan Appreciation Day Success Update!

Dear Saturday League Players, Managers and Governing Board Members:

The 4th Annual Fan Appreciation Day (FAD) was another success. This year, AJA Video requested that the other teams help by contributing money, pop ups, food, beverages and their energy to the event. For such a hot day, the contribut

Swap Shop

If you have softball equipment that you would like to sell, send an email to with the details and how you'd like to be contacted.

During the Saturday sign-up practices, a table will be setup for the purpose of displaying used equipment you may have to sell. Bring the equipment you'd like to sell, label it with your name, contact number and price.

Are You Eligible for Silver Sneakers??

Opening Day for the 2017 season is rapidly approaching, so it's time to start your workouts. If you are 65 years old and have Medicare benefits you may want to check and see if you are eligible for the Silver Sneakers program. The program is free if you qualify. This program is designed for older, active folks who want to maintain or improve their physical condition. Go to this link and check it out:

Silver Sneakers

Batting Tips

May 1, 2011

By Art Eversole

What makes the game of slow-pitch softball so much fun...

Slow-Pitch Hitting Tips: Arm Extension

Here is a video shown in slow-motion, how to get wrist snap and arm extension into your bat swing

Click "More" for an enlarged video size.

Fall League Info

From : GCSSA Board of Directors August 30, 2017

To: GCSSA Membership

Subj: Fall Ball

The Fall Ball League is not a GCSSA Sponsored Event. It is an independent organization that is leasing CGSSA Equipment


Any participating players in the Fall League need to be aware that they WILL NOT be covered by the GCS


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