July Board Meeting

GCSSA Board of Directors’ Meeting – July 24, 2019

Buttermakers Cottage – Western Gateway Park

Board Members present – Lisa Duggins, Robert Coleman, Bill Fingerson, Jim Vinella, Jon Cosbie, Gary Wuestenberg.

Board Members absent – None

League Members present – None

The meeting was called to order by President Lisa Duggins at 6:39 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report - We currently have $29, 032.13 in our account.  Regular season retail has now been paid, plus our regular monthly expenditures.   We still need to pay the park for the field rental for both the Saturday and Weeknight End of the Season Tournaments.

Board of Directors Election – The League needs at least four candidates on the ballot for 2020-2022 Board positions.  There was a discussion of potential candidates and a commitment from current Board Members to encourage members to help the League by serving on the Board.

Financial Audit – John Stillwell has offered to help Gary get all our financial records in order for a formal audit.  It was agreed to attempt to contract with Scott Robertson, a CPA, to do the formal audit.  Gary said he will contact Scott.

Future Meetings

General League Meeting – The August General Membership Meeting will be held on August 13 after the 5:15 games.  (This will require moving the B&C vs. Tripps game from 6:40 on Field 1 to 5:15 on Field 2.)  At this meeting for all League members, pizza will be served.  Please bring your own drinks.  This is an opportunity to hear about the progress the League has made this year, offer suggestions for improvements and ask questions of concern.  Volunteer pins will be given to those who have contributed their time and efforts to make all our playing experiences better.

Board MeetingsSeptember 18 and October 23 (location to be determined).  Check website for time and location in early September.  Note:  Members are welcome to attend any Board meetings.

General League Meeting – November 20 This meeting will include the installation of the new League Board Members, a summary of the year’s activities and the opportunity for members to express the ideas for the coming year.  (location to be determined)

**Note: these dates will be added to the website under “Announcements”

 Special Awards – The Board discussed creating two special awards, one would recognize a player who is an inspiration to others.  The second, a perpetual award, would be awarded to a League member who exemplifies the characteristics of good sportsmanship and who helps those around him/her to be their best, i.e. a good teammate.  The recipients of these awards will be announced at the November 20 General Meeting. Robert moved that we establish these awards.  The motion was seconded by Bill.  The vote was 7-0 in favor.  Motion passed.  Jim said he would research the cost of several options and report back to the Board at the next meeting.

League Championship Awards – There was a discussion regarding increasing the monetary amount given to the teams winning the regular season (both weeknight and Saturday).  Bill moved that we increase the awards from $300 to $400.  Gary seconded the motion.  The motion passed by a vote of 7-0.  There was discussion about awards for the end of the season (EOS) tournament winners.  Currently, there are no awards for winners of the EOS tournament winners.  Jim moved that we give the EOC champions caps (like League caps) that say GCSSA End of Season Champions.  Bill second the motion.  The motion failed by a 3-4 vote.  Further discussion ensued about EOS awards.  Gary moved and Bill seconded a motion to give EOS winners $200 to purchase shirts, caps, plaques or whatever they choose.  The motion passed 6-1.

Donation – The daughter of Dan Wheat, owner of long-time sponsor A to Z Supply, passed away recently.  We discussed making a donation in her name to a non-profit such as Hospice of the Foothills or American Cancer Society.  We agreed our preference would be to a local non-profit. Jon said he would research an appropriate non-profit and report back to the Board.  Gary moved we donate $200 in the daughter’s name to Hospice, the American Cancer Society or another appropriate local non-profit.  Ray seconded the motion.  The motion passed 7-0.

Field Repair – Mike Mallory of the Masters League said he will replace the third base dugout on Field 2 after the season is over.  Our League will pay for the materials.  Gary will request a materials list, with costs to allow the Board to approve those costs.

Rules – The rule modifications and clarifications approved earlier in the year will be added to the website soon.

Field Improvements – We still have not received the soil sample reports for the samples submitted several months ago.  Jon will contact Bob Swarthout to try to find out what the delay is.  This project for improving the infields on both fields is expected to be a major expense, one requiring approval by League members, so we would like to get the relative information SOON to enable us to poll the membership before the season is over.   Jon has had to clean out about 30 sprinkler heads due to debris getting into the creek water system due to a pump problem.  Jon will be gone next week and Bob DeHart will be doing the mowing. Jon replaced the light circuit board on the Field 2 scoreboard at a cost of $160.  He will submit the bill to Western Gateway Park. 

Lisa said a member asked her if the League should pay a company to maintain the fields.  Jon said it would cost about $12,000 to hire a company to maintain Fields 1 and 2 from March through August.  That costs out to approximately $60 per member.  The Board felt the membership would likely not be willing to pay an additional $60 per year to pay for this service.  It did make us appreciate even more the services a few of our League members contribute to this function.

Communications – Jim reported the revenue from the All-Star game was $840.35.  That was $450 from food sales, $319 from the raffle and $71.35 from tips.  Dawn Brindley donated the cheese and vegetables for the hamburgers, Dawn also donated brownies and cookies and Missy Patton donated brownies.  Thank you to the crew who worked the food booth; Jim Vinella, Jeri Matson and Dawn Brindley.

Replacement Player – Ken Schon replaced Rick Rangel on the Union Team.  Rick is dealing with some medical issues and won’t be able to finish out this season.

Special Award – Jon Cosbie was recognized by the Board for his many, many hours of volunteer work in maintaining the fields.

Executive Session – The meeting was moved to an Executive Session at 8:35 p.m. to discuss a number of personnel issues.

Adjournment – The Board came out of Executive Session at 9:28 p.m. and Lisa adjourned the regular Board meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Ray Patton, Secretary